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Stands and Carts Rental Products

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•  Pricing is not final and subject to change.

Product NamePrice Per Day 
Baby Baby Stand (Triple Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Baby Stand (Double Riser)$4.00    Add To List  
Baby Stand (Triple Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Baby Roller Stand (Double Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Baby Roller Stand (Triple Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Junior Lowboy Stand (Double Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Junior Stand (Double Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Junior Stand (Triple Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Junior Lowboy Roller Stand (Double Riser)$5.00    Add To List  
Junior Roller Stand (Double Riser)$10.00    Add To List  
Junior Roller Stand (Triple Riser)$10.00    Add To List  
Hi-Hi$10.00    Add To List  
Hi-Hi Roller Stand$10.00    Add To List  
Mombo Combo Stand$20.00    Add To List  
C-Stand 40"$5.00    Add To List  
C-Stand 20"$5.00    Add To List  
Arri Kit Stand$2.00    Add To List  
Max Stand$150.00    Add To List  
Mini Max Stand$40.00    Add To List  
Wheel Adapters
Junior Stand Wheel Adapter Set$10.00    Add To List  
Mombo Wheel Adapter Set$10.00    Add To List  
Crank Stands
Roadrunner 220 Stand$100.00    Add To List  
Avenger Long John Silver Stand$0.00    Add To List  
Super Cinevator Stand$100.00    Add To List  
Super Crankovator Stand$75.00    Add To List  
Crankovator Stand$75.00    Add To List  
4 Riser Avenger/Manfrotto Crank-up Stand (Strato Safe)$100.00    Add To List  
2 Riser Avenger/Manfrotto Super Wind-Up 40 Crank-up Stand$50.00    Add To List  
2 Riser Avenger/Manfrotto Wind-Up 39 Crank-Up Stand$50.00    Add To List  
1 Riser Avenger/Manfrotto Wind-Up 26 Crank-Up Stand$35.00    Add To List  
Mathews Minivator$50.00    Add To List  
Lowboy Crankovator Stand$75.00    Add To List  
Lowboy Crank Avenger Stand$75.00    Add To List  
Sidewinder 150 Mini Crank Stand$75.00    Add To List  
Grip and Electric Carts
C-Stand Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Muscle Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Cable Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Distro Cable Cart (2 level)$35.00    Add To List  
4'x4' Flag Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Taco Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Tungsten Cart$35.00    Add To List  
HMI Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Kino Cart (large)$35.00    Add To List  
Ditty Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Figure Eight / Whip Distro Cart$35.00    Add To List  
5-ton Rigging Cart$35.00    Add To List  
3-ton Rigging Cart$35.00    Add To List  
1-ton Rigging Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Carts and Hampers
Rubbermaid Cart$20.00    Add To List  
Magliner Senior (with shelves)$35.00    Add To List  
Magliner Senior$35.00    Add To List  
Magliner Junior (with shelves)$35.00    Add To List  
Magliner Junior$35.00    Add To List  
Flatbed Cart$35.00    Add To List  
Laundry Hamper Cart$10.00    Add To List  
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