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Dollies, Jibs, and Sliders Rental Products

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Product NamePrice Per Day 
Fisher 10 Dolly Package$375.00    Add To List  
Fisher 11 Dolly Package$375.00    Add To List  
Western Dolly$75.00    Add To List  
Doorway Dolly$75.00    Add To List  
Dana Dolly$100.00    Add To List  
Debbie Dolly$10.00    Add To List  
Skateboard Dolly$50.00    Add To List  
Track and Wheels
Skateboard Dolly Wheels Set$50.00    Add To List  
Doorway Dolly Wheels Set (Hot Buttons)$25.00    Add To List  
Fisher 10 Soft Compound Dolly Wheels$50.00    Add To List  
Fisher 11 Soft Compound Dolly Wheels$50.00    Add To List  
Filmair Dolly Track - 10' Straight$25.00    Add To List  
Filmair Dolly Track - 8' Straight$20.00    Add To List  
Filmair Dolly Track - 4' Straight$12.00    Add To List  
Filmair Dolly Track - 24" Starter Ramp$5.00    Add To List  
Filmair Dolly Track - 45° Curve$25.00    Add To List  
Filmair Dolly Track - 30° Curve$25.00    Add To List  
Mathews Dolly Track - 8' Straight$20.00    Add To List  
Mathews Dolly Track - 4' Straight$10.00    Add To List  
Mathews Dolly Track - 90° Curve$25.00    Add To List  
Mathews Dolly Track - 45° Curve$25.00    Add To List  
Crate of Cribbing$5.00    Add To List  
Crate of Wedges$5.00    Add To List  
Crate of Wedges and Cribbing (split crate)$5.00    Add To List  
Half Basso Block Set$10.00    Add To List  
Full Basso Block Set$10.00    Add To List  
6' Slider$250.00    Add To List  
4' Slider$200.00    Add To List  
40" Slider (Digitial Juice)$75.00    Add To List  
30" Mini Slider$175.00    Add To List  
Fisher 21 Jib Arm Kit$325.00    Add To List  
Straight Shoot'r Jib Arm Kit$375.00    Add To List  
EZ FX Jib Arm Kit$125.00    Add To List  
Travoto Tote Jib Arm Kit$75.00    Add To List  
Car Mount and Tripods
Car Hood Mount$75.00    Add To List  
Car Side Mount (Hostess Tray)$75.00    Add To List  
6" Suction Cup$10.00    Add To List  
4.5" Suction Cup$10.00    Add To List  
3" Suction Cup $10.00    Add To List  
Mastermount Car Mount System$65.00    Add To List  
Promount Car Mount System$50.00    Add To List  
Sachtler 18 Head & Tripod - 100mm$80.00    Add To List  
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