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HMI Rental Products

•  Lenses for the Joker Bug-a-Beams can be found in the Tungsten – Theatrical Page.
•  All Items listed as a Kit will include an appropriate stand per light at no cost.
•  Can’t find what you are looking for? We probably have it! Contact us to inquire.
•  Pricing is not final and subject to change.

Product NamePrice Per Day 
Arri-MAX 18K$1,200.00    Add To List  
Arri 18k Fresnel$800.00    Add To List  
Arri 12k Par$850.00    Add To List  
Arri 12k Compact Fresnel$550.00    Add To List  
Arri 6k Par$650.00    Add To List  
Arri M40 Kit$550.00    Add To List  
Arri 4k Par Kit$500.00    Add To List  
Arri 4k Compact Fresnel Kit$325.00    Add To List  
Arri 4k X-Light Kit$400.00    Add To List  
Arri 2.5k Par Kit$350.00    Add To List  
Arri 2.5k Compact Fresnel Kit$250.00    Add To List  
Arri 2.5k X-Light Kit$250.00    Add To List  
Arri M18 Kit$260.00    Add To List  
Arri 1.2k Par Kit$185.00    Add To List  
Arri 1.2k Compact Fresnel Kit$150.00    Add To List  
Arri M8 Kit$200.00    Add To List  
Arri 575w Par Kit$125.00    Add To List  
Arri 575w Compact Fresnel Kit$125.00    Add To List  
Joker 800 Kit$200.00    Add To List  
Joker 400 Kit$175.00    Add To List  
Joker 200 Kit$150.00    Add To List  
800w Bug-a-Beam with ETC Leko Housing Unit$50.00    Add To List  
400w Bug-a-Beam with ETC Leko Housing Unit$20.00    Add To List  
Joker Soft-Tube 800$75.00    Add To List  
Joker Soft-Tube 400$75.00    Add To List  
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