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Grip Packages and Rigging Rental Products

•  The contents inside our grip packages can be found here!
•  Can’t find what you are looking for? We probably have it! Contact us to inquire.
•  Pricing is not final and subject to change.

Product NamePrice Per Day 
10 ton Grip Package (with vehicle)$695.00    Add To List  
5 ton Grip Package (with vehicle)$575.00    Add To List  
3 ton Grip Package (with vehicle)$425.00    Add To List  
1 ton Grip Package (with vehicle)$375.00    Add To List  
Apple Boxes and Shot Bags
Apple Box Set$16.00    Add To List  
Full Apple Box$5.00    Add To List  
Half Apple Box$5.00    Add To List  
Quarter Apple Box$5.00    Add To List  
Pancake$5.00    Add To List  
35-lbs Shot Bag$5.00    Add To List  
25-lbs Shot Bag$5.00    Add To List  
15-lbs Shot Bag$5.00    Add To List  
Spring Clamps
#3 Spring Clamp$1.00    Add To List  
#2 Spring Clamp$0.75    Add To List  
#1 Spring Clamp$0.50    Add To List  
Rigging Items
12" C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
8" C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
6" C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
4" C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
2" C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
12" Baby C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
10" Baby C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
8" Baby C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
6" Baby C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
4" Baby C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
12" Junior C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
10" Junior C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
8" Junior C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
6" Junior C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
4" Junior C-Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
Split C-Clamp for 1-1/4" Speedrail$5.00    Add To List  
36" Furniture Clamp with 5/8" Pin$5.00    Add To List  
24" Furniture Clamp with 5/8" Pin$5.00    Add To List  
12" Furniture Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
24" Pony Clamp with 5/8" Pin$5.00    Add To List  
Super Mafer Clamp with Pin$5.00    Add To List  
Big Ben Clamp$5.00    Add To List  
Cardellini Middle Jaw$5.00    Add To List  
Cardellini End Jaw$5.00    Add To List  
Gaffer Grip$5.00    Add To List  
Chain Vise-Grip$5.00    Add To List  
Chain Vise-Grip with Pin$5.00    Add To List  
Grid Clamp with Jr Receiver$5.00    Add To List  
Grid Clamp with Jr Male Pin$5.00    Add To List  
Grid Clamp with Baby Pin$5.00    Add To List  
Grid Clamp with Baby & Jr Receiver$5.00    Add To List  
Grid Clamp with Ear$5.00    Add To List  
Swivel Cheeseboro$5.00    Add To List  
90° Rigid Cheeseboro$5.00    Add To List  
4-1/2" Grip Head$5.00    Add To List  
2-1/2" Grip Head$5.00    Add To List  
Matth Gag$5.00    Add To List  
Putty Knife with Baby Pin$5.00    Add To List  
Baby Pipe Hanger$5.00    Add To List  
Junior Pipe Hanger$5.00    Add To List  
6" Baby Plate$5.00    Add To List  
3" Baby Plate$5.00    Add To List  
Junior Nail on Wall Plate$5.00    Add To List  
T-Bone$5.00    Add To List  
Beaver Board (Pigeon Stand)$4.00    Add To List  
Platypus Foamcore Holder$5.00    Add To List  
Foamcore Plate with Swivel Pin$5.00    Add To List  
Scissor Clip$5.00    Add To List  
TVMP$3.00    Add To List  
Jr to Baby Pin Stand Adapter$5.00    Add To List  
6"x6" Wall Spreader$5.00    Add To List  
2"x4" Wall Spreader$5.00    Add To List  
Telescoping Wall Spreader for 1-1/4" Speedrail$5.00    Add To List  
2' to 4' Telescoping Grid Clamp with Stirrup (Light Duty)$5.00    Add To List  
3' to 6' Telescoping Grid Clamp with Stirrup (Light Duty)$7.50    Add To List  
4' to 8' Telescoping Grid Clamp with Stirrup (Heavy Duty)$8.00    Add To List  
Safety Chain$0.50    Add To List  
Arms / Sidearms / Helpers / Offsets
Jr Magic Finger$5.00    Add To List  
JR Grip Helper$3.00    Add To List  
40" Grip Head and Extension Arm$5.00    Add To List  
30" Grip Head and Extension Arm$5.00    Add To List  
20" Grip Head and Extension Arm$5.00    Add To List  
40" Extension Arm$3.00    Add To List  
30" Extension Arm$3.00    Add To List  
20" Extension Arm$3.00    Add To List  
Jr Side Arm$3.00    Add To List  
Baby Side Arm$5.00    Add To List  
Jr Baby Sliding Offset Arm$5.00    Add To List  
Baby Offset Arm$5.00    Add To List  
24" Jr Double Header$5.00    Add To List  
12" Jr Double Header$5.00    Add To List  
24" Baby Triple Header$5.00    Add To List  
36" Jr Triple Header$5.00    Add To List  
Menace Arm (Pipe Boom) Kit$10.00    Add To List  
20' - 1.1/4"Speedrial$5.00    Add To List  
16' - 1.1/4"Speedrial$5.00    Add To List  
12' - 1.1/4"Speedrial$5.00    Add To List  
10' - 1.1/4"Speedrial$5.00    Add To List  
8' - 1.1/4"Speedrial$5.00    Add To List  
6' - 1.1/4"Speedrial$5.00    Add To List  
4' - 1.1/4"Speedrial$5.00    Add To List  
Ear and Corner Set for 1.1/4" Speedrail$5.00    Add To List  
1.1/4" Speedrail Coupler$5.00    Add To List  
Tools and Ladder
32" Extension Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
24' Extension Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
22' Extension Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
20' Extension Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
12' Double Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
12' Single Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
10' Double Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
10' Single Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
8' Double Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
8' Single Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
6' Double Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
6' Single Step Ladder$10.00    Add To List  
4' Double Step Ladder$5.00    Add To List  
4' Single Step Ladder$5.00    Add To List  
Little Giant Step Ladder$5.00    Add To List  
Bull Pricks$1.00    Add To List  
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