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Electric Rental Products

•  Generators have a fuel usage charge upon return.
•  Can’t find what you are looking for? We probably have it! Contact us to inquire.
•  Pricing is not final and subject to change.

Product NamePrice Per Day 
1400 Trailer$800.00    Add To List  
1200A Truck$800.00    Add To List  
500A Trailer$550.00    Add To List  
Honda EU7000is$0.00    Add To List  
Honda EU6500is$200.00    Add To List  
Honda EU3000is$125.00    Add To List  
Honda EU2000i$100.00    Add To List  
Cable Guard
5-Channel Cable Guard$8.00    Add To List  
5-Channel Cable Guard ADA$0.00    Add To List  
Distro Boxes
1200A Socapex Distro Box$125.00    Add To List  
1200A Distro Box (6-110V 100A)(3-220V 100A)$125.00    Add To List  
1200A AC Spider Box Mini 1x3 $90.00    Add To List  
900A Distro Box (AC Power) C4-900$125.00    Add To List  
800A Distro Box (4-110V 100A)(2-220V 100A)$125.00    Add To List  
600A (AC Power) RV Single Phase Distro Box Flow-Thru (6-50A RV)$90.00    Add To List  
600A (AC Power) RV 3Phase Distro Box Flow-Thru (6-50A RV)$90.00    Add To List  
600A Socapex Distro Box$125.00    Add To List  
600A (AC Power) Distro Box (6-100A)$75.00    Add To List  
600A Distro Box (6-100A)$125.00    Add To List  
400A Distro Box Single Phase$125.00    Add To List  
300A Distro Box (3-100A)$50.00    Add To List  
300A Distro Box 12/20$50.00    Add To List  
100A Gang Box 220v (woodhead)$20.00    Add To List  
100A Gang Box 110v (Woodhead)$20.00    Add To List  
100A in / 100A out RV Lunch Box$20.00    Add To List  
100A in / 100A out Bento Box$30.00    Add To List  
100A in / 100A out Lunch Box$30.00    Add To List  
100A in / 60A out Lunch Box$25.00    Add To List  
60A in / 60A out Lunch Box$12.00    Add To List  
60A Gang Box$12.00    Add To List  
60A to Edison Quad Box$10.00    Add To List  
200A Breaker Box$60.00    Add To List  
100A to 250A 3Phase Adjustable breaker Box$120.00    Add To List  
160A to 400A 3Phase Adjustable Breaker Box$120.00    Add To List  
100' 12/3 Stinger$10.00    Add To List  
50' 12/3 Stinger$7.00    Add To List  
25' 12/3 Stinger$5.00    Add To List  
25' 60A 110V Bates Cable$8.00    Add To List  
50' 60A 110V Bates Cable$10.00    Add To List  
25' 100A 110V Bates Cable$10.00    Add To List  
50' 100A 110V Bates Cable$15.00    Add To List  
100' 100A 110V Bates Cable$25.00    Add To List  
25' 100A 220V Bates Cable$10.00    Add To List  
50' 100A 220V Bates Cable$15.00    Add To List  
50' 4/0 Single CamLok Cable$20.00    Add To List  
100' 4/0 Single CamLok Cable$30.00    Add To List  
50' 2/0 Single CamLok Cable$15.00    Add To List  
25' #2 Banded 5Wire CamLok Cable$15.00    Add To List  
50' #2 Banded 5Wire CamLok Cable$30.00    Add To List  
10' 4/0 CamLok Drop-Downs (Set of 5)$30.00    Add To List  
25' Socapex Cable$8.00    Add To List  
50' Socapex Cable$15.00    Add To List  
100' Socapex Cable$20.00    Add To List  
150' Socapex Cable$25.00    Add To List  
Socapex Tricks
Male Socapex to 6 Female Edison Cable (Fan outs)$5.00    Add To List  
Female Socapex to 6 Male Edison Cable (Fan outs)$10.00    Add To List  
Female Socapex to 60A Males Bates$2.00    Add To List  
Male Socapex to 2 Female Socapex Cable$5.00    Add To List  
Edison Tricks
18' 20A Edison Quad Box$3.00    Add To List  
Edison Hub, 15A, (5 Outlet)$2.00    Add To List  
Edison Threefer$2.50    Add To List  
Threefer Cube Tap$1.00    Add To List  
AC Power strip$5.00    Add To List  
Ground Lifter$0.50    Add To List  
Male Edison to 2 Female Edison Cable$5.00    Add To List  
Femal Edison to 2 Male Edison Cable$5.00    Add To List  
Male CamLok to 220V 100A Female Bates Snakebite$8.00    Add To List  
Male CamLok to 110V 100A Female Bates Snakebite$8.00    Add To List  
Female CamLok to 220V 100A Male Bates Snakebite$8.00    Add To List  
Female CamLok to 110V 60A Male Bates Snakebite$5.00    Add To List  
Male Camlok to 110V 110A Male Bates Snakebite$5.00    Add To List  
100A to (x2)100A 220V Splitter$8.00    Add To List  
100A to (x2)100A Splitter$8.00    Add To List  
100A to (x2)60A Splitter$8.00    Add To List  
60A to (x2)60A Splitter$8.00    Add To List  
4/0 Threefer Soft CamLok (Set of 5)$45.00    Add To List  
4/0 Threefer Soft CamLok (Set of 5) with Pass-Thru$10.00    Add To List  
2/0 Twofer Soft Siamese CamLok (Set of 5)$45.00    Add To List  
#2 Ground Soft Siamese CamLok$5.00    Add To List  
#2 Ground CamLok Squid (1M to 5F)$5.00    Add To List  
MFF Hard Tee CamLok (Set of 5)$20.00    Add To List  
MMF Hard Tee CamLok (Set of 5)$20.00    Add To List  
MFFF Threefer Hard Tee CamLok (Set of5)$30.00    Add To List  
Male to Male CamLok (Suicide)$2.00    Add To List  
Female to Female CamLok (Suicide)$2.00    Add To List  
3,500w Inverter$50.00    Add To List  
2,000w PROsine Inverter$40.00    Add To List  
600w Inverter$10.00    Add To List  
24k Lex Single Dimmer with DMX (240VAC)$125.00    Add To List  
12k Lex Single Dimmer with DMX (120VAC)$100.00    Add To List  
12,000w Magic Gadgets Single Dimmer$100.00    Add To List  
(6k) Magic Gadgets Shadowmaker Dimmer$75.00    Add To List  
2,000w Magic Gadgets Flicker Dimmer$20.00    Add To List  
5k Variac Dimmer$20.00    Add To List  
2k Variac Dimmer$15.00    Add To List  
1k Variac Dimmer$10.00    Add To List  
2,400w Electronic Dimmer$15.00    Add To List  
2,000w Magic Gadgets Inline AC Quick Dimmer$15.00    Add To List  
1,800w Lex Slim Dimmer (120VAC)$15.00    Add To List  
1,000w Hand Dimmer$10.00    Add To List  
650w Hand Dimmer$5.00    Add To List  
DMX Dimmers
Lex D125/DX - 12 Channel 1500w Dimmer Pack$100.00    Add To List  
Lex D625/DX - 6 Channel 1500w Dimmer Pack$100.00    Add To List  
Lightronics AS42D 4x1200w Channel Edison DMX Dimmer$50.00    Add To List  
ETC Smartpack Touring System 24x20A$325.00    Add To List  
Ratpac 12x200w dimmer Pack$75.00    Add To List  
DMX Fader / Boards
Cintenna 8 / AKS Wireless Kit $100.00    Add To List  
Apple iPad 512 Channel Wirelss Dimmer System$150.00    Add To List  
ETC SmartFade 24/96 Dimmer Board$300.00    Add To List  
Levitron MC7024 24/48 Lighting Board$75.00    Add To List  
ETC ColorSource 40 Dimmer Board $300.00    Add To List  
ETC ColorSource 20 Dimmer Board $250.00    Add To List  
Leprecon 624 24-Channel Dimmer Board$100.00    Add To List  
Lightronics TL-4016 Lighting Board$50.00    Add To List  
DMX-IT 12-Channel Controller$25.00    Add To List  
Show Baby 6 Wirelss DMX Transmitter / Receiver $20.00    Add To List  
Wireless Connectivity
Cinelex CRMX Skynode Receiver$0.00    Add To List  
Cintenna 8 / AKS Wireless Kit$0.00    Add To List  
Exalux Control Kit$0.00    Add To List  
LumenRadio Moonlite Transmitter / Receiver TiMoTwo Module$0.00    Add To List  
SHoW BABY 6 Wireless DMX Transmitter / Receiver$0.00    Add To List  
Control Cables
100' DMX Control Cable$5.00    Add To List  
50' DMX Control Cable$3.00    Add To List  
25' DMX Control Cable$2.50    Add To List  
10' DMX Control Cable$2.00    Add To List  
50' RJ45 Cable$5.00    Add To List  
25' RJ45 Cable$5.00    Add To List  
14' RJ45 Cable$5.00    Add To List  
10' RJ45 Cable$5.00    Add To List  
7' RJ45 Cable$3.50    Add To List  
3' RJ45 Cable$2.50    Add To List  
RJ45 Barrel Connector$1.00    Add To List  
DMX Male Connector to RJ45$1.00    Add To List  
DMX Female Connector to RJ45$1.00    Add To List  
ENTTEC Opti Splitter 4-way (5 pin to 5 pin & 3 pin)$5.00    Add To List  
ENTTEC Opti Splitter 4-way (5 pin to 5 pin)$5.00    Add To List  
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