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Special Effects Rental Products

•  Foggers and Hazers are rented with the appropriate fluid needed and is billed on usage.
•  Can’t find what you are looking for? We probably have it! Contact us to inquire.
•  Pricing is not final and subject to change.

Product NamePrice Per Day 
Foggers and Hazers
Antari F-7 Hazer / Fogger $100.00    Add To List  
Antari F-5 Hazer / Fogger $85.00    Add To List  
Antari FXW Hazer / Fogger$0.00    Add To List  
Smoke Genie Handheld Hazer / Fogger$0.00    Add To List  
Rosco 1700 Fog Machine$75.00    Add To List  
Rosco 900 Fog Machine$50.00    Add To List  
Aquafog 3300 (Dry Ice Fogger)$225.00    Add To List  
Le Maitre Stage Fogger$75.00    Add To List  
Le Maitre Radiance Haze Machine$75.00    Add To List  
Unique 2 Haze Machine$75.00    Add To List  
Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1D Haze Machine $35.00    Add To List  
24" Mole Richardson Fan with Stand$75.00    Add To List  
18" Mole Richardson Fan with Stand$75.00    Add To List  
Reel EFX RE 2 Fan (Turbo Bladed Wind Machine)$50.00    Add To List  
Turn Tables
Turntable with 600lb Capacity$150.00    Add To List  
Turntable with 150lb Capacity$20.00    Add To List  
Turntable with 50lb Capacity $10.00    Add To List  
Effect Lighting
Disco Ball$15.00    Add To List  
Amber or Blue Police Light [Switchable] $20.00    Add To List  
Amber Police Light$15.00    Add To List  
Blue Police Light$15.00    Add To List  
750w Strobe Light$25.00    Add To List  
75w Strobe Light$15.00    Add To List  
Strobe Light Remote Controller $10.00    Add To List  
Mogul Based Strobe Bulb $3.00    Add To List  
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