Your One-Stop Shop for Production Equipment Rental, Purchase, and Transportation

Shooting a music video, photo shoot, commercial or a feature film? We are here to fulfill your needs. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2000, we have been serving the needs of the entire country! No destination is too far. And now with locations in Detroit, Michigan and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania we plan to travel even more.
Our Cincy location has our 100x50 Edison studio with a three wall cyc and a door big enough to drive a truck into.
Our grip truck packages are designed to help with the smallest to the largest shoots. We carry quality grip equipment from Matthews, Modern Studio, American, Lex and The Rag Place. Our expendables come from Rosco, Lee, Rosebrand and Studio Depot.
Lights? We have a vast inventory of HMI’s, Tungsten, LED, Fluorescent and Theatrical by makes like Arri, Kinoflo, Aadyntech, Mole Richardson, K5600, Leko, Litepanel, Mactech, Nila, Jem, Dedo and Profoto.
Camera Support? We Carrie Fisher dollies and jibs. That Cat and Original Sliders. Dana, Debbie and Doorway dollies say that three times fast!
Power? Of course, Portable generators all the way up to 1400 amp truck mounted and distro to boot.
We can even help you with production supplies like tables, chairs and tents.
Peruse our site and let us know how we can help make your next production your best one yet!


Planning a production north of us? Check out our friends up in Detroit at

Detroit Power & Light.