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acute2 2400 power pack generator

Acute2 2400 Power Pack

$45.00 day
Manufacturer: Profoto

Energy 2400Ws
Energy Range 6 f-stops (75-2400Ws)
Energy Distribution Socket A 150-2400Ws
Socket B 75-1200Ws
Recycling Times 120V/60Hz - 0.17-2.9s
230V/50Hz - 0.18-3.2s
Flash Durations 1/1800-1/320s
Dimensions 30x19x13cm (11.75x7.5x5in.)
Weight 5.9kg; 12.9lbs

Product Specs: Acute 2 2400 Generator


NOTE: need built-in radio sync? Check out the Acute 2R 2400 Generator

The Acute2 2400 Generator is the perfect generator for the photographer on the go. With faster recycle times and shorter flash durations, the Acute2 2400 combines all essential photography lighting features.

Pack all this into a small, lightweight frame and you have a generator that is effortlessly portable and amazingly powerful.

  • Small and light weight
  • Adjustable modeling light
  • Asymmetric power distribution
  • Energy controlled over 6 f-stops
  • 3 lamp sockets