5850 watt nine light molefay compact fill light

5,850 Watt Nine-Light Molefay

$125.00 day
Manufacturer: Mole Richardson

Head 5,850 watts
Rating 120 volts, A.C. or D.C., 48.8 amps max., 5,850 watts max
Switches 9 toggle switches mounted on lamp
Size 19" x 16.125" x 4.375"
Head Weight 21.5" lbs

Product Specs: Nine-Light Molefay


The Nine-Light Molefay is a lightweight and compact fill-light that adapts to any production environment, from exterior fill-lighting to cramped, limited locations.

Need to light a car interior or a closed room? Shine the Nine-Light through a windshield or window to get an instant boost of daylight. Indoor shots? Nighttime shots? The Nine-Light works just as well indoors or at night when paired with 3200°K quartz globes.

Pivoted globe modules allow for varied beam coverage: the lights can converge into a single, intense beam, or can diverge into a broad, even field of light. Individual globe switches give you intensity control with no change in color temperature. Each of the nine globes is held in a unique retainer which is mounted directly into the modules.