2 k super softlite with egg crate fill lighting

2K Super Softlite w/ Egg Crate

$30.00 day
Manufacturer: Mole Richardson

Head 2,000 watts.
Rating 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 16.7 amps max.—2,000 watts max.
Switch Two toggle switches mounted on lamp (one per globe)
Size 24" x 24" aperture
Head Weight 36 lbs.

Product Specs: 2K Super-Softlite


NOTE: each 2K Super Softlite comes with an Egg Crate (shown above). Enjoy!

The 2K Super-Softlite is designed to provide fill lighting that's soft, diffused, and nearly shadowless. For maximum impact, all the light shines indirectly and unobstructed from diffuse surfaces through a larger-than-average aperture.

Especially useful for commerical photography that requires minimal shadows, the 4K Super Softlite is also commonly used in motion picture and TV studios where shadows must be "washed out."

Uses two 1,000 watt 3200°K quartz globes. Comes equipped with a safety screen.