Jokers / K 5600

joker bug 800 from k 5600 lighting

Joker-Bug 800

$200.00 day
Manufacturer: K 5600 Lighting

Lamp 800 Watt MSR/SE daylight single ended discharge. Special UV-Stop envelope. 600 hours maximum life.
Power Supply C input: 90V to 132V or by sliding selector switch: 180-265V, 50 or 60Hz.
Extension Cable 25 foot shielded
Weight 6 lbs (2.72 kg)

Product Specs: Joker-Bug 800


The Joker-Bug 800 produces 50% more light than a Joker 1200, yet weighs only 38 lbs. — light and small enough to fit in a tiny airline case!

The Joker-Bug 800 takes full advantage of a Lightbank's reflectivity, producing as much light as a 4,000 Watt quartz fixture on only 12.5 Amps. No more overloaded circuits!

Perfect for fine daylight interiors, two-camera interviews, industrials, documentaries, car shots, and TV magazines.

Rent one and see why the Joker-Bug 800 is K 5600's # 1-selling fixture:

  • Joker-Bug 800 shines 50% more light than a 1200 in a Chimera
  • Joker-Bug 800 is smaller than its nearest lower wattage (575) and fits in the same case as a Joker 400!
  • Joker-Bug 800 draws only 12.5 Amps, meaning you can use a 400W on the same circuit!