chimera speed ring continuous and strobe

Chimera Speed Rings

Price chart below
Manufacturer: Chimera

5" to 10" $10.00 day
11" to 19" $15.00 day
20" and larger $25.00 day

Product Specs: Speed Ring Finder


The Chimera Speed Ring is a lightweight, compact fixture used to quickly and easily attach a flash head to a softbox. Chimera offers dozens of speed rings customized to fit nearly any flash head on the market.

When we say that our selection of Speed Rings is comprehensive, we mean we carry every single ring on the market. In fact, our catalog is so huge that we're going to refer you to the Chimera Speed Ring Finder on the Chimera website (link also above). You can use Chimera's excellent search tools to find the ring that's right for you, and then purchase it from us.

Continuous Light Speed Rings

Continuous Light Speed Rings are designed to attach to interface with lights used in motion picture, video, and broadcast industries.

Dedicated Speed Rings
Custom-built to fit a specific lighting fixture.

Circular Speed Rings
Attach to the barn-door ears on your light. Rotatable for precise positioning.

Adjustable Speed Rings
A one-size-fits all approach. Adjustable rings fit a variety of lights as well as non-standard-sized equipment. Non-rotating design.

Standard, Aluminum, Quick Release and OctaPlus Speed Rings
Can be used to mount specific light banks, including Video PRO and Daylight Juniors.

Speed Rings for Strobe

Chimera Strobe Speed Rings are designed to fit any kind of photography flash light. All Strobe Rings rotate for precise light positioning.

Standard Speed Rings
Manufactured with lightweight composite material for maximum economy and portability.

Aluminum Speed Rings
Made of high-grade 6061/T6 aircraft aluminum for strength and resilience.

Quick Release Rings
Chimera's patented design makes it a breeze to set up and take down Lightbanks and softboxes. Now you can transport lightbanks with no disassembly!

OctaPlus Rings
Specifically designed for use with Chimera OctaPlus Lightbanks, but can also be used with Standard Lightbanks.