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Shadowmaker Generator & Dimmer Light Effects Controller

Shadowmaker Generator / Dimmer

$75.00 day
Manufacturer: Magic Gadgets

Power Source US & Canada: 150 volts max.
Europe: 250 volts max.
Interface Output 0.025" (3.5mm)
Weight 3.5lb (1.59kg)
Size 5.6"W x 3.6"H x 8.2"L
(142mm x 91mm x 208mm)

Product Specs: Shadowmaker


The Magic Gadget Shadowmaker is an infinitely configurable, unbelievably adaptable light-effects controller that makes it simple to create complex and powerful lighting effects.

The Shadowmaker comes equipped with 3 isolated dimmers wired to 3 u-ground isolated plugs and sockets. Never deal with special connectors and high-capacity power sources again!

All 3 dimmers are dual-level and addressable by the flicker generator. Operate any effect between preset high and low levels!

The Shadowmaker can be used as a dimmer, a cuable dimmer, a silent switch, a flicker generator, or a chase generator. With 16 different programs, the Shadowmaker can mimic firelight, candlelight, lightning, TV and movie screens, and a variety of chaser/tracer configurations.

All effects are completely digitized in solid-state memory. Randomized effects last for 30 minutes before looping.