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Flicker Box 2k Magic Gadgets

Flicker Box 2k

$20.00 day
Manufacturer: Magic Gadgets

Power Source US & Canada: 150 volts max.
Europe: 250 volts max.
Remote Input 0.125" (3.5mm) 2 conductor phone plug.
Weight 31.7lb (0.75kg)
Size 6.0"L x 3.62"W x 2.75"H
(152mm x 92mm x 70mm)

Product Specs: Flicker Box 2k


More than a simple "up and down" flicker, the Magic Gadget Flicker Box 2k gives you a high-resolution flicker over multiple level changes. The flicker takes place between a low and high limit that you determine, or you can use the Flicker Box as a dimmer only with no flicker.

There's no minimum load, and remote input lets you turn the unit on and off remotely. With a 2,000 watt load capacity, the Flicker Box 2k is a no-nonsense solution for any and all effects lighting.