snap on 30 by 13 belt anton bauer

Snap-On 30/13 Belt

$20.00 day
Manufacturer: Anton Bauer

Power Supply 13 or 30 VDC Output
Battery Bays Anton Bauer x2
Connections & Interface Gold Mount x2
4-Pin XLR Connector
2-Pin Amphenol Connector
Power Requirements 2 Matched Anton Bauer Batteries
Weight 2.82 lbs (1.28 kg)

Product Specs: Snap-On 30/13 Belt (pdf)


The Strap On 30/13 is a high-quality universal battery belt designed for both film and video. For use with 125/200 HMI's.

You can use the output as either 13V 8 AH or 30V 4 AH. The 13V power mode will run all 12V equipment including monitors, VTRs, cameras, and much more.

Easy to carry and adaptable to any situation, the 30/13 belt can be worn around the user's waist, over or across the shoulder, or buckled around a tripod.

  • 4 pin XLR for 13 VDC Output
  • 2 pin Amphenol connector for 30 VDC Output
  • 10 Amp circuit breaker ensures output protection
  • Includes voltage meter
  • Switch between 13 VDC and 30 VDC modes