The Edison Studio

Welcome to The Edison Studio, Where No Shoot Is Too Big!

Designed for any project, large or small, our Edison Studio gives you the space you need to realize your cinematic and photographic visions!

Whether you're a multinational corporation shooting your next commercial, a local church filming a play, or an indie film crew with big ideas that need big space to breathe, we've got the studio for you!

That means over 5000 square feet of freedom, a 1600 amp service with a 3 phase cam lok, and a gigantic, 3-walled cyc for backgrounds, seamless floor-to-wall transitions, and green screens! We'll even throw in our massive 5 ton grip truck package and a scissor lift for FREE with your rental!

Need to shoot something big? Our studio can handle any set or lighting rig, and thanks to our massive12'x14' sliding door, you can even drive a truck in here if you want! (we have).

Planning a full-blown theatrical production with a large cast? Need a place to strategize and network when the cameras aren't rolling? We offer four comfortable production offices equipped with a fax and copier as well as a spacious, well-lit makeup room.

Don't let anything stand in the way between your and your dream production. With our studio and your creativity, the next great shoot is just waiting to happen!


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  • 100' x 50' studio area
  • Silent heating and a/c
    1600 amp service
    3 phase cam lok
  • 3 walled cyc 30' x 40' x 65' - 19' to grid
  • 5 ton grip package included with rental
  • 12'x14' sliding door
  • Scissor lift included with rental
  • Light fixtures billed as used
  • Full workshop area
  • Production offices with internet, fax & copier
  • 2 offices 13'x11'
  • Makeup room 16'x11'
  • Office 19'x13'
  • Office 20'x13'