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Center Mount J.L. Fisher

Fisher Center Mount

$50.00 day
Manufacturer: J.L. Fisher

Product Specs: Fisher Center Mount


NOTE: REQUIRED when pairing a Model 21 Jib Arm with a Model 11 Dolly

The Fisher Center Mount is designed to ONLY support J.L. Fisher jib arms. The center mount has a handy four-way leveling adjustment and a leveling indicator.

Maximum gross load capacity is 1200 lbs. (544 kg) when used on the Fisher Model 10 Dolly. The Fisher Model 11 Dolly has a maximum gross load capacity of 900 lbs (408kg). Do not exceed the Model 11's 900lb limit!

  • The Center Mount is not for supporting personell or personell carrying cranes.
  • Do not use riser greater than 18in. on the center mount.